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PrivaFund is a financial service provider that enables customers to increase their wealth through the free use of digital currencies. PrivaFund works with a professional and globally based trader team and software that automatically adjusts the trading capital per trader to the success rate of the respective trader. PrivaFund limited is based on essential pillars that offer the perfect interaction for fundamental profit and capital security. By specializing in three essential pillars, PrivaFund can offer profits and security for both customers and partners.

The 3 essential cornerstones that form the foundation of a functioning strategy

• Easiest operation & live chat support
• Innovative interface & the latest infrastructure
• Decentralized trading & fully automated fund distribution

Confidence in the economy and in the capital markets is a decisive driver for economic and financial fluctuations as well as for the business cycle. When confidence increases, consumers and investors want to buy consumer goods and durable goods and invest at prevailing prices. As confidence decreases, spending and risk taking tend to decrease.
When trading in crypto currencies, the price movements in crypto currencies are analyzed. The high volatility and rapid movement of the crypto market is a strong factor that enables experts to generate ongoing profits.

The same problems that exist in the market of decentralized trading in that of crypto based trading are those problems that constantly belong to both users and service providers. In addition to the confusing distribution of capital, messy reports and order book management, as well as confusing and complicated backend systems, security gaps often arise that belong to the rights of customers, partners and service providers.

Through seamless rights and ongoing security stabilization, both personal and private data are secure and a third party does not decide. PrivaFund’s internal server network does not allow security loopholes. Thus we are able to provide both costumers and investors with transparent, secure and exclusive digital trading profits.


Mr. Stephen H. Rowe is a natural leader and an excellent trainer and teacher. Stephen’s focus on customer service, which goes beyond simply providing the customer with exemplary professionalism, sets him apart as a perfectionist and a top leader. His ability to gain insight and understanding of someone in order to help them achieve their primary goals makes him a popular role model in both his team and community.

Stephen H. Rowe was born in Liverpool, England and later moved to the United States. During his studies at Washington State University the opportunity arose to work in the Resort Development industry. So Mr. Rowe moved to Hawaii and continued his studies at the University of Hawaii.

In 1986, at the age of 21, Stephen H. Rowe was named Marketing Director of the prominent and beautiful Lawai Beach Resort. In the same year he passed the Hawaii Real Estate exam. In 1992, Stephen H. Rowe founded his first own corporation named Indo Pacific Marketing Ltd. That Corporation was later independently contracted to PAHIO Resorts, Inc., where Stephen held a position as Executive Vice President

In 2007 Mr. Rowe embarked on his next adventure as Marketing Director for Northshore Real Estate on Phuket Island (Thailand), under the corporate umbrella of the Absolute Group of Companies. Within six months he was the General Manager, and earned awards as the top Sales Producer in four consecutive years

Stephen continued on the Resort & Development path over the years. Then evolved, and eventually found himself at the helm of the real estate division of a prominent digital exchange and cryptocurrency platform solution for the first year and a half of that start up.
Now begins a new chapter in this life journey.

Combined with a canny ability to remember people, and names, Mr. Rowe applies his skills to envision his projections; from broad business strategies, down to specific customer service measures. He is CEO of PrivaFund, created in seem-less design simplicity and optimum functionality, that will build a strong team and diverse network. In this position Stephen will form relationships, partnerships, and friendships that will produce results & benefits on behalf of the Project, and the Community.

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