These are the most frequently asked questions. Please read them carefully. You may be able to get an answer to a question here. If you have any further questions, please contact our live support.

1How can I benefit from PrivaFund's trading profits?
Register for free at privafund.io and top up your account. By activating an investment you take part in the trading cycle of our trader network and can generate monthly profits and understand them with transparent reports.
2How can I top up my account?
You get access to your finances in the internal area. In your dashboard under the menu item “Finances” you can control your investments, top up your account and activate your funds for trading.
3 How can I withdraw out my profits?
You can also access your profits in the internal area. In your dashboard under the menu item “Finances” you can control your investments and deposit funds. Earned profits and commissions can be paid out.
4How can I benefit from the bonus plan and earn sales commissions?
For detailed information on the PrivaFund Bonus and Sales Plan, please refer to the Commission Sheet and the PrivaFund Sales presentation. First and foremost, distributors can benefit from a Unilevel plan. In addition, hard-working partners are rewarded through a bonus plan.
5What distinguishes PrivaFund?
Easy access and constant availability to digital financial recourses and the development of a service that enables global growth through the PrivaFund portfolio. PrivaFund is first of all: • Redefining the movement of money and creating a simplification through investment, trade and multiplication • about use the latest security technology and to provide traders with software that generates ongoing positive results.
6Who is the CEO of PrivaFund?
Mr. Stephen H. Rowe is CEO of PrivaFund Ltd. In his position Stephen will form relationships, partnerships, and friendships that will produce results & benefits on behalf of the Project, and the Community. Further information about Stephen H. Row can be found in the Company Profile Section on this website and in the PrivaFund Whitepaper.
7How do I get the trading reports?
PrivaFund's trading reports are primarily published internally. So you can easily view and download your trading reports with one click in your dashboard.
8How high can my profits be at PrivaFund?
Trading is a volatile business, especially in the area of digital finance. PrivaFund does not guarantee any fixed returns. However, the professional trader network of PrivaFund has been able to generate a return of 0-10% per month in the past few months.
9What do I do if my payout doesn't arrive or I want to redeem my investment?
Withdrawals can take up to 72 hours to complete. If you haven't received your payout after this time, make sure that your payout details are correct. If you have any further questions, please contact our support. Redeeming your investments can take up to 5 business days.
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